Philippines Public Toilet Chronicles: Snippets of information about the Philippine public toilet. Toilet hopping from one place to another, in conquest for the finest and stinkiest comfort rooms around the Philippines.


Philippines Public Toilet, an Obsessive-Compulsive blog.
The Toilet Blogger strictly features public toilets, restrooms, comfort rooms, powder rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms, john, poopers, “palikuran”, “kubeta”, “banyo”, whatever you call it ("saan inilalabas ang sama ng loob!), minsan "deposit" and other self-invented cool names.

PPT is your average toilet commoner. Believes that every residential or public toilet should and always maintained clean and should looks "inviting". There is a saying ”You can distinguish a person's character by looking through his/her bathroom“. And the famous grade school tag line “Cleanliness is next to Godliness“,  need we say more?
  • So clean up!
  • Stay discipline
  • Be in order

Note that PPT preferably visit FEMALE cubicles unless it's a gender-neutral public toilet. Add to the fact that women's toilet are more engrossing (and filthy and sullied), although men toilet offers a different socio pulse which seems a bit intriguing.

Cons of being a toilet blogger:
There are times the building authorities ("sekyu") and maintenance staff are clueless to what I do and why the he** I'm taking photos. I respect their job responsibility, am at fault sometimes, just sometimes, for Sponge Bob's sake it's a public toilet if you don't consider blogging as a job nor a hobby  (it's not like I investigate or into espionage) then consider me as a paying customer/shopper/diner. Plus blogging involves bills to pay the internet, electricity; effort in getting the right photograph angle and lighting, editing/watermarking the photos, tedious posting of statuses in social media (in other word "papansin" (attention seeker) :)  My child says "You are always using that square thing (Instagram) and photo collaging. Which she meant have time to bond with me could you? Ah see? Family time is also compromised! :) So to you guys, be kind to me *wink*

Sometimes I sneak (yay that's the fun part!), sometimes they have "willingness" to expose their internal bladder. Besides you get FREE exposure. (hmm should I charge soon?) 

You see this hobby is quiet difficult to handle, I need to deal with CCTV's, security guards and "masusungit" janitors. There are moments  I don't feel like asking permission neither I don't want to mention "blogging" instead I say thesis or documentary. Love the sounds of "docu", their faces turn into awe.

Toilet blogging is fun but ridiculously dirty, it's not about snapping pictures and exposing their inner secrets. The places I shoot involves observation on:
  1. seat cover availability - sad to say, our public toilets 80% has missing seat cover
  2. paper availability - if not given to public for free then install paid paper tissue/napkins box 
  3. water supply - the most disturbing state to see and smell when there's no flush or even a pail of water inside
  4. bidet if none there should be "tabo" - the natural thing human do (to release toxin) is to use the reliable water dipper
  5. toiletries- soaps, liquid soap, alcohol
  6. maintenance - how often do they clean the post? 
  7. lighting and other facility 
  8. scent - is there air freshner or pee cologne? :)
  9. garbage bins - proper disposal by user (common to women they just throw it everywhere)

As a public toilet user, we never get out of the house without wet tissue, paper towels, hand soap and alcohol, (or newspaper maybe in your case). You'll never when "the calling" is :) especially if you have a child along the way or if you really need to go! 

Snippets of info about public toilets in Manila and nearby provinces. "Killing time in search for the finest & worst public toilet in PH." Since 2012.

COPYRIGHT : All photos and text used in this blog are owned by philippinespublictoilet.com, unless otherwise stated. Any reproduction, be it for personal or commercial purposes without the author's permission is strictly prohibited. If you intend to use any of the photos or text from this blog, please e-mail Green Dei at deiville.com(at)gmail(dot)com.


  1. Wow. If there are restaurant reviews, hotel reviews, book reviews and others, there is one site especially for toilets. It's my first time to ever have heard such a thing, and it's in your blog. Haha. Great thought! This is to tell all establishments out there that the presentation and ambiance of their toilets speak loudly. You're right - "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" :)

  2. I really like the concept of this blog. Very unique!


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