Philippines Public Toilet featured on State of the Nation by Jessica Soho

Philippines' Public Toilet Interview by Cedric Castillo for #Paandar

for State of the Nation with Jessica Soho

February 27, 2014

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Manila, Philippines:
Good news public toilet users (and readers) last  night yours truly (the toilet blogger) had a chance to "toilet talk, toilet chat" with one of GMA News TV senior news correspondent Mr. Cedric Castillo.  The partial report was featured at  "Paandar" segment from State of the Nation with Jessica Soho (SONA) tackling the subject of Pinoy men's habit of urinating in public places.
Philippines Public Toilet Interview by Cedric Castillo for State of the Nation by Jessica Soho Blogged: photo philippines-public-toilet-state-of-the-nation-cedric-castillo-13.jpg
Philippines Public Toilet featured in State of the Nation by Jessica Soho.
 Image source: GMA News Online

Where to spot self-impose public urinals:

Here in the metro, common chilling areas to spot our handsome Pinoys doing the deed are Meralco posts (electricity posts), any posts in particular, building walls or "pader", trees, fences, "kanal", vehicle tires, boulders; name it and most probably they've urinated on it. What a common site and irritating scent for every one who bypassed it and murmurs "ang panghe naman!" Here's the full report to trigger the guilty guys and view the concept of imposing a house bill (the soonest) and hopefully implement a law for the community to legally follow - the most courteous and cleaner ways when and where to properly urinate.

Paandar: Pagpaparusa sa mga umiihi kung saan-saan, ipinapanukala

Philippines Public Toilet views:
No matter how elegant the toilet area or how many number of cubicles installed/allocated for the public it will depend largely on the ethics and attitude of the users. Mostly, Filipino's lack of discipline and laziness to get out there and search for the nearest public toilets adds up to the ailing absence of pubic urinals. It make things worse when maintenance system is put on hold due budget shortage. The priority to achieved a clean environment free from germs and awful smell:
  1. public toilet availability
  2. free access to public toilet
  3. maintain  cleanliness
  4. toilet user discipline
  5. health-consciousness and care for others 
A simple formula for public urinal problems. And yet Filipinos tends to

Here are some of social media's takes about topic:

 photo philippines-public-toilet-state-of-the-nation-paandar-01.png
 Andreea Elisabeta Leau of Squirly

 photo philippines-public-toilet-state-of-the-nation-cedric-castillo-11.png
Alwin Aguirre of City Roamer
 photo philippines-public-toilet-state-of-the-nation-cedric-castillo-12.png
Angel MatociƱos
 photo philippines-public-toilet-state-of-the-nation-paandar-02.png
Jenny Manongdo of Manila Bulletin

Philippines Public Toilet Interview by Cedric Castillo for State of the Nation by Jessica Soho Blogged: photo philippines-public-toilet-state-of-the-nation-cedric-castillo-01.jpg
With GMA News Correspondent Mr. Cedric Castillo

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