Public Toilet: Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna

Enchanted Kingdom

Philippines Public Toilet

Location: Sta Rosa, Laguna City, Philippines

Last visited: September 2015

After 10 years were back at EK! Although part of the park's pavements and partitions looks hideous, childhood spots were under renovation (forever?) there were by fair means recently developed extreme rides which I'm truly convinced I can never try the same way as enthusiastic as before. The roaring sounds of the gears makes me wanna sit down and eat munchies instead. :)

But hey the toilet areas popped like mushrooms in every corner. Unlike the previous years park goers are obliged to walk near the main entrance to fall in line for the golden throne. Glad that the management thought of putting up designated whiz area.

   photo enchanted-kingdom-philippines-public-toilet.jpg

Whilst the toilet looks rustic to me, at least they made sure it's well-maintained with complete toiletries from paper towels to soap. Janitors are always around with a courteous smile.

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll - 
Soap -
Hand sanitizer -
Paper towels -
Trash bins -
Powder area -
Flush  -

Ratings: ★★

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