Public Toilet: Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Philippines Public Toilet

EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City
Manila, Philippines

Last visited:
February 2014

People should not expect too much from high end malls, both poor and rich sits on the same bowl (maybe the big differences can be seen from VIP lounges). This public toilet from the time I spotted (on a mid-day) it have muddy floors and stinky used tissue rolls, in other words, "mapanghe" (urine scent) at may mga "tilamsik" (pee on floor).  Funny thing when socialites/social climbers hit the germ-infested cubicle is that they smell awful too! :)
 photo philippines-public-toilet-shangri-la-plaza-mall-mandaluyong-city-01.jpg
Public Toilet: Shangri-la Plaza Mall

 photo philippines-public-toilet-shangri-la-plaza-mall-mandaluyong-city-012.jpg
Public Toilet: Shangri-la Plaza Mall

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll - 
Soap -
Hand sanitizer -
Paper towels -
Trash bins -
Powder area -
Flush -

Ratings: ★★

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