Public Toilet: Citimall PHILCOA Quezon City

Citimall PHILCOA Quezon City

Philippines Public Toilet

Ground Level, Citimall (PHILCOA)
#1 Commonwealth Avenue
Quezon City
Manila, Philippines

Last visited:
March 2014

Remarks: Alright even though I'm a few blocks away (and had breakfast there) from fastfood giants Jollibee or maybe McDonald's (where toilets are free and averagely maintained), I still chose to try Citimall's public toilet coz it's been ten years since the last time I've been there. From the little space provided, you can hardly bend your knees from inside. Taller, bigger ladies might have a little discomfort stretching from there. Add to that, you will have to carry from your lap all your belongings because there's no available bag hooks anywhere the spot and worst when seated your face is almost kissing that tainted door. :/

It's okay to pay for a public toilet usage as long as they kept it ALWAYS clean, when I say clean it may not mean totally dirt-free but it should be obvious that they scrub, disinfect it at all times. And how important flowing water is (inside the cubicle) and maybe soap if they can't afford alcohol/sanitizer). "Lugi ka pag gumamit ka ng CR dito!" You paid and yet you have to ask for "tabo" (water dipper) to manually flush out your thing. Hay! :)

By the way this pay toilet rates:
Pee (Ihi) - Php3.00
Poopers (Dumi)  - Php5.00
Wash - Php3.00

How would you poops/wash in situation like that "mabuti pa sa probinsiya malaya LOL." You can't even move around to wash your parts with your bags tuck around your neck (you know how bulky women's bag are!) Plus every time you need water you have to get it from the faucet using the tabo, so funny Citimall. Good luck to all the ladies out there.
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Philippines Public Toilet: Citimall PHILCOA Quezon City

 photo philippines-public-toilet-citimall-philcoa-quezon-city-02.jpg
Pay Toilet
 photo philippines-public-toilet-citimall-philcoa-quezon-city-03.jpg
There's the "tabo" EWR! ;)

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll - 
Soap -
Hand sanitizer -
Paper towels -
Trash bins -
Powder area -
Flush -

Ratings: ★★

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