Public Toilet: 168 Mall Divisoria

168 Mall Divisoria

Philippines Public Toilet

168 Mall Fastfood Area
Divisoria Shopping District
Manila, Philippines

Last visited:
November 2013

Remarks: Divisoria is what we call "the happy place" better than Hongkong or even better than any foreign shopping destinations. Divs, is where you can find all the goodies, trends, attention-catchers and must-haves. Requires no imagination --- as a shopper you must be a good observer and alert in all concepts of frugal, stylish shopping. Lately, we've discovered a less-noise, less-busy public toilet at the upper floor of 168 Mall's another bigger fastfood, 4th or 5th level I presumed. There's no "pila" (people in long lines), no "piso pay" and lesser "baho" (stinky smell). This public toilet have vanity mirrors on both wall ends and  bigger washing area! But some toilet users are dependent (for others to flush their thrash) lazy animals. Shoppers in Divisoria mall consists of the "baboys" (less-caring) to pa-sophisticated. When in Divisoria "ready, aim, fire!" In short "bawal maarte, so upo na kung uupo!" :)
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Public Toilet: 168 Mall Divisoria

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What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll - 
Soap -
Hand sanitizer -
Paper towels -
Trash bins -
Powder area -

Ratings: ★★★

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