Public Toilet: Lugang Cafe - The Block

Lugang Cafe
Philippines Public Toilet

The Block SM North Edsa
Quezon City,  Philippines

Last visited on October, 2012

Remarks: The classy outlook of Lugang Cafe at the dining area suggests sumptuous meal and good service. I've been in the place after a week it opened to the public, the dining area were full and busy. Until you've seen the public toilet, it stinks with wet floor and a little smelly. We can't blame the management, we were there on the peak hours of dinner time. The staff were off-guard and a bit absent-minded when it comes to your orders and needs. Lugang Cafe's public toilet appears ugly to some despite the black tiles' presence. In contrast from what you can see directly from outside the dining section - clean and sophisticated. It's a common public toilet, from here the washing gloves were left on the sink and men's throne smell foul while the women's throne sluggishly wet and soiled. Diner's are also to blamed for the mess, if only they kept even a little concern for those next in line then bio-breaks wouldn't be  a turn-off. Also, the management should schedule an hourly cleaning of their public toilet,  a standard operation procedure especially when you expect a number of people from the North of Quezon City. :)

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll - 
Soap -
Hand sanitizer -
Paper towels -
Trash bins -
Powder area -


Public Toilet: Lugang Cafe - The Block SM North EDSA
Public Toilet: Lugang Cafe - The Block SM North EDSA
Public Toilet: Lugang Cafe - The Block SM North EDSA 
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