Public Toilet: UP-Ayala Land TechonoHub

UP-Ayala Land Technohub
Philippines Public Toilet

UP-Ayala Land TechnoHub
Barangay U.P. Campus
U.P. North Science and Technology Park
Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City
Manila  Philippines

Last visited on August, 2012

Remarks: The peak hours of UP-Ayala Land TechnoHub was during the afternoon when diners, young groups, families and working force come together for an afternoon stroll and casual dining. The public toilet as expected were a little rowdy with people coming in and out, but management maintained a regular clean up, nothing disgusting anyway. =) Also thumbs up for UP-Ayala Land TechnoHub public toilet, they have tissue paper! :)

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll -  
Soap - 
Hand sanitizer - 
Paper towels - 
Trash bins - 
Powder area - 

Overall Ratings: 
Public Toilet: UP-Ayala Land TechonoHub