Public Toilet: Manila Metropolitan Theater

Manila Metropolitan Theater

Philippine Public Toilet

Ground Floor
Padre Burgos St., near Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila  Philippines

Last visited on August, 2012

Remarks: I have no more words to say about Manila Metropolitan Theater, all the mourning and grief I uttered from my other blog ( - Manila Metropolitan Theater’s Art Deco and Cultural Heritage---Preservation: A Call to Action). When our group entered the theater, we looked like a soldier armed with flashlights, disinfectants, cotton masks and enthusiasm. Thanks to veteran tour members  (Axl Guinto and another guy around) who were with me during the shoot and briefing proper. The tour progression was paced accordingly per area but people were cluttered in groups and left immediately to my target destination (the toilet, hello!!!) that I find it impossible to shoot a supposed "haunted" corner of the theater by myself - alone on that corner all dark and gloomy. Yes I had some goosebumps whenever these guys said from their last visit, selected photos they have taken have signs of something that didn't show up during the actual photo shoots. But when they uploaded the raw pictures, darn they saw some signs that I didn't intend to listen from the story-telling and play with my ears dumb-founded. 

The comfort rooms along the ground level next to the back door entrances for the VIPs were shattered, abandoned and hopeless. Cobwebs and litter around the area, while the male cubicle still has flowing water from its water supply pipe, the movement of the water flush makes it more scary (for us!)  One question, where do the security guards do their thing (call of nature)?  All public toilets from this abandoned building seems to me are hopeless and chaotic, The security guards may have their own strategy:

#1 The buddy system ("Sasamahan kita, sasamahan mo ako!!!)
#2 The brave ones (guns are loaded every time they are in for the visit)
#3 "Tiis Muna"  - the use of public toilets will have to wait until I reach home (good luck!)

Ah! I'm joining another sessions from the group within this year, rest assured I will put an end to all my curiosities. LOL

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll -  
Soap - 
Hand sanitizer - 
Paper towels - 
Trash bins - 
Powder area - 

Public Toilet: Manila Metropolitan Theater
Female Toilet
Public Toilet: Manila Metropolitan Theater
Male Toilet

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  1. This is gross. I didn't know this kind of website specializing in public expose of our country's harsh reality. I've seen much worse than this.

  2. They should really budget the repair cost for these comfort rooms as these once were majestic attractions.

  3. Grabe naman tong CR na to. Super dumi.
    It's my first time to visit your site, and good job. Im too sensitive in terms of using public toilets, I'll have this bookmarked so I'll be guided at least.

  4. Dirty toilet in general/toilet seats in public restrooms gross me out. Realistically, it is a deppressing fact to see something like this in Metro Manila

  5. This is sadly already an abandoned albeit historic building. I have fortunately been able to watch a performance of El Filibusterismo during its last revival several years back. Why did you choose to assess the state of this building's toilets when no one is expected to use them anyway?

    1. I believed Manila City government and GSIS were trying to collect public funding/donations to allow minimal renovations (per areas). But the debate for full restoration is still on heat, to push the project or not. Chances are, a lot of people have high hopes to retain Manila Met. And the utility bills for this building are still active being paid by the GSIS (correct me if I'm wrong,those who knew it. The security guards have electricity and water supply. That's the question I am dying to ask the guards, where do they leak and poops, considering the water flush on the above photo are flowing non-stop. It only means one thing, they are using the cubicle unless they are wastelanders. Or are they not bother for not turning off the main supply. Come to think of it, they are wasting water. They say the building needs financial assistance to support the expenses and everything.


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