Public Toilet: DIVISORIA Mall

Divisoria Mall

Philippine Public Toilet

Sta. Elena Street, Binondo, 
Manila City,  Philippines

Last visited on June, 2012

Remarks: Manila shopping haven's public toilet can best describe a do or die situation when being attack by the killer pee, worst a nightmare when you encounter a bowl full of bling bling treasure with unwanted scent! :) And take note, it's a paid lounge? (or paid dirty lounge) pay PhP 5.00 for every pee alone, it's not even bundled with pre-folded tissue paper. Don't bother to use the water tap for personal belongings, the sink tap never gets dried and the way the area looks bacteria army probably stays  overtime.

Imagine the number of shoppers and passers-by going in and out of the (dis)comfort room, the building admin is richer by the dozen! And yet they don't have time to renovate the fixtures and give extra comfort to toilet goers. Public toilet was made for public use, the term public itself never suggest for PAID lounges, if it's paid then, please throw extra service and amenities for the public, we deserve it.

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll -  
Soap - 
Hand sanitizer - 
Paper towels - 
Trash bins - 
Powder area - 

Public Toilet: DIVISORIA Mall