Public Toilet: Chow King Morayta

Chow King Morayta

Philippine Public Toilet

Morayta, Claro M. Recto
Manila City  Philippines

Last visited on June, 2012

Remarks: Recto  and Espana are memorable to my college friends, whenever I have extra time, I tried to visit the area once in a while. For a student meal, Chow King and among other local joints are a breeze for a budget frenzy kids. 

The toilet cubicle of Morayta branch is only limited to two or three people, and sometimes since the area is too small, smell counterflow could stick to your noses, worst to your clothes :)

What's great about them, they have lots of tissue paper supplies, but the flooring matches the amount of used tissues piled up like smoky mountain. I just hope "the ladies" out there should develop and always be reminded the habit of wrapping their stained napkins. Coz really it's not funny when you see and smell "peek-a-boo" reddish lumpy piece of cotton lying around the over-piled trash bins. Same with the used stained wiped-out tissue issue! I wonder what's up in the men's room? :)

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll -  ☑
Soap - ☑
Hand sanitizer - ☒
Paper towels - ☒
Trash bins - ☑
Powder area - ☑

Ratings: ★★★
Public Toilet: Chow King Morayta