Public Toilet: InterContinental Manila

InterContinental Manila

Philippine Public Toilet

InterContinental Manila
No. 1 Ayala Avenue, Makati City,  Philippines

Last visited on October, 2011

Remarks: Upon entering InterContinental hotel (lobby) comfort room, there's a feeling of classic antiquity. The sink and powder area still looks majestic, but the marbled wall depicts age-old architecture. The public toilet reveals aromatic fumes :) while the yellow lamp adds drama and hierarchy among its hotel competitors. What I love about hotel public toilet facilities, they have marvelous stocks of paper towels, I can wash my face and hands all over again without having to worry 'bout my hanky getting moist. Wink!

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll -  
Soap - 
Hand sanitizer - 
Paper towels - 
Trash bins - 
Powder area - 

 InterContinental Manila