Public Toilet: CARTIMAR Pet Shop


Philippine Public Toilet

Cartimar Pet Shop
Cartimar Shopping Center
Pasay City,  Philippines

Last visited on July, 2012

Remarks: Public toilets for both pet shop and shopping complex are all charged PhP 5 per loo :) That is bundled with pre-folded tissue paper, if you have doubts whether the guy who manned the entrance and folding (touching) the tissue paper - you have to bring your own supply then. Apparently when we paid for something, we deserved to seat and loo on a clean cubicle, right? But this one is such a mess with wet floors and soiled rims. What's nice about Cartimar's public toilet, it has water dipper displayed arrogantly for wishy-washy of the-you-know-when-it-happens :)

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll -  ☑ Paid - folded tissue
Soap - ☑
Hand sanitizer - ☒
Paper towels - ☒
Trash bins - ☑
Powder area - ☑

Ratings: ★★★
Cartimar Pet Shop