Public Toilet: Malcolm Theater - University of the Philippines

Malcolm Theater

University of the Philippines

Philippine Public Toilet

Malcolm Theater
UP College of Law, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Last visited on April, 2011

Remarks: Heads up for the budget of DepEd! :) Did they heard about "health is wealth?", hey government please allocate an increase in funds for the basic education system, in that way they could have a better way in handling the management system (and  hire enough people to manned every corners of the facilities at least once a day? hehe) that includes proper sanitation --- wet and muddy floor of their public toilet. I'm not sure if the Bahay ng Alumni has ample amount of water supply by this time, same as with the College of Fine Arts. What's more tragic? Pay a visit (again to refresh your memories :) tada! the Shopping Center's public toilets, I missed walking in the corridors squirming with a very foul stench from the divided wall cubicles while looking for the vacant and comfortable internet shop. The upfront smells as my kiddo would reach "Oh smells horrible!"

Time flies, one day I'll pay them back the much awaited visit and re-check what's going on with University of the Philippines' toilet conditions. 

What's in, what's not:
Tissue roll -  
Liquid soap - 
Hand sanitizer - 
Paper towels - 
Trash bins - 
Powder area - 

Malcolm Theater 
Malcolm Theater


  1. Dei!...hano beh...toilet talaga?
    mahalungkat nga ito..

    1. Hi Sheng, one day I'll ask for your street number haha beware your resident toilet paparazzi is about to rain check your most adorable toilet! :)

    2. Btw, Sheng did you know you were my very first commenter here? Oh that makes me wanna shower with you "The Banyo Queen Gift Pack" sponsored by Your-Friendly-Pozo-Negro LOL
      Seriously wait for my buzz, I'll come up with extra something for my 1st ever commenter!


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